Community Energy and Emission Solutions

elementslab researchers are leading the community stream of a Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions major research project entitled ‘Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment’.

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions is currently funding five major research projects to investigate implementable solutions to address greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in British Columbia. The ‘Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment’ (EEBE) project is tasked with researching policy, finance, community and building solutions to reduce GHGs in BC’s built environment.

Elementslab researchers are leading the community stream of the EEBE project. At the centre of the community stream research is the ‘Community Solutions’ subproject, which focuses on evaluating energy and emissions reduction strategies against different patterns of urban form. To conduct this work, we developed representative urban form archetypes from a spatial analysis of BC communities. We have also developed a spatial simulation approach that allows us to model the energy and GHG implications of different strategies.

We are working with colleagues in the community stream and the policy and finance stream of the EEBE to develop portfolios of strategies to evaluate against the different archetypes of urban form. The goal of this research is to find effective combinations of strategies and policies for different patterns of urban form, leading to implementable GHG reduction recommendations for both municipalities and Provincial agencies.

Project Profile

Sponsor: Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS)
elementslab Team: Ronald Kellett, Cynthia Girling, Jon Salter, Christina Bollo, Brendan Buchanan-Dee, Fausto Inomata, Juchan Kim, Alix Krahn, Jess MacDaniel